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B2B Integration & EDI

The concept of B2B has been existing for decades together. However, the way in which B2B has been viewed has been transformed by technology in the past few years. With the advent of automation and with the need to bring together, the outputs of multiple processes, B2B integration has found its relevance.

B2B integration is nothing more than the process of Creating a flawless channel of integration between Independent systems that are vital for your business by creating a mechanism of automation that will ensure smooth flow of electronic data and the subsequent activities. EDI or electronic data integration is an essential part of B2B integration.

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CubeMatch-Claritaz B2B Integration Services

CubeMatch-Claritaz Brings you B2B integration solutions that are business-centric and are focused on the advantages brought about by automation and seamless data transfer. Our portfolio of B2B Solutions include:

Partner and Community Management

We create an engine and an interface to easily onboard and manage partners and also to the provision in points that give you tangible insights on various processes.

Secure Communication Systems

We develop an extensive set of B2B communication systems without compromising on the security by enforcing policies and defining availability.

Visualization Platforms

We create dashboards that help you get an overview of the KPIs and breaches of service level agreements. This will enable the top management to make quick decisions looking into business data.

Benefits of B2B Integration

Go Paperless

Replacing paperwork with digital alternatives is not just about stepping into the modern realm of business but more about making the process efficient.

Defining Workflow

With B2B integration and place, the chances of any process getting stuck in a stage without any progress is almost zero because the automation of the process ensures that the flow from one state to another happens without any hiccups.

Accuracy in Data

Anything that involves a human intervention other than creative services has a chance of compromising on the accuracy of data. With automation in place by the virtue of B2B integration, the accuracy of data is not compromised in any way.

If you are a business that would like to take advantage of the setting of workflow and initiation of automation, then CubeMatch-Claritaz would be glad to provide you with B2B automation and integration services. Just drop us in a line and we will get in touch with you to explore your requirements and elevate the standard of your B2B processes.