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Node.js Development

JavaScript has started to rule the world of development these days. JavaScript has manifested itself into different variations that provide different advantages. One such thing is Node.js Often touted to be the next big thing in development, Node.js offers a big list of advantages that make it one of the most preferred development platforms.

Node.js is a runtime environment that works on different platforms both on the server side and networking applications. It is operating system agnostic and is one of the reasons why a lot of global leading brands like LinkedIn, TwitterDow Jones and Yahoo count on Node.js to enable them to build scalable network applications.

The CubeMatch-Claritaz touch

We understand that all these leaders were once small organizations and it is pretty much what many organizations are right now! We help create the essential Node.js applications for you to scale up like these Giants. The highly skilled development team at CubeMatch-Claritaz understands what exactly you require from the Node.js development services. Our developers have worked on different verticals and resources to get the best of Node.js features in developing your mobile and web applications. Our team of developers brings in the essential skill to develop cost-effective and efficient Node.js applications.


The way we work

Node.js brings a lot of awesome features and we have developed a meticulous process that will help us understand your requirement so that we can put in our efforts of development in the right areas.

Consultation, strategy and planning

The first step is to understand what you exactly required from your application. There are instances where you application could be made to do more and some applications can be built in a flexible fashion to accommodate what could be needed in the future.

Our team communicates with you and understands what you need and we go ahead to plan the skeleton of your application.

Design and development

Since Node.js brings the best of both the frontend and backend, design and development proceed as a single task. Our team of developers understand the philosophy and the brand language of your organization and build the application in a fashion that goes in line with what your organization is all about! This is what we call as a fine line between expertise and empathy.

Delivery, launch and support

Once your robust application is built, the next step is obviously to make it work! We deliver the application and also take care to make sure that your application blends well with your existing ecosystem. Once everything has been set up, we also provide the essential services to make sure that your team and your business get accustomed to the new features that are brought about in the newly build application in terms of processes and functionalities.

We give you the power of uncompromised quality on the utility with the most intuitive interface for you to work on in our customized applications.

Our portfolio of development services

01 Customisation

We develop customized web services, app administration panels and mobile applications using Node.js and the services not only stand as good applications but also as elements that are meant to grow business

02 Large web application development

Some web applications might start small but with the growing customer base and the offerings of an organization, they might need to just scale up. We understand that your business is set to grow and use applications built the Node.js framework to create real-time scalable applications for the web and mobile.

03 Plugin development

Plugins are what make what is already awesome even more awesome! Our node.js developers use these kind of plugins which extend the functionality of the existing Node.js application.

04 User experience and interface development

This is where the best of our team's expertise comes in! It is not just about code and development but also about understanding the design language and what your customer or even your employees would like to experience. We develop customized user interfaces and experiences for your application that makes it not only technically sound but also a pleasure to work with!

Get in touch with us

If you think that Node.js is the way forward just like many other Global organizations do, and if you would like to give the power of Node.js to your application and your business, all you need to do is just drop in a line and we will get in touch with you. It is just a matter of a few conversations before we start to develop your Node.js application and give your business facelift.

Only when you engage with us would you know that why we are considered to be one of the most efficient and best Node.js development companies.