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Laravel Development

PHP without exaggeration, as one of the biggest revolutions that happened to the web. It has given rise to a lot of web application frameworks and Laravel is one among them. Laravel is widely considered to be one of the best PHP based web frameworks and it comes with an advantage of being open source.

Laravel is one of the best frameworks to develop high-quality websites and web applications that brings the advantages of stress-free coding and the modularity, making it a favorite among the developers.

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Advantages of laravel

Laravel brings a few advantages that makes it one of the most preferred frameworks for web development. A few of the advantages are:

Reduction of development time

Since laravel is a problem free framework, it makes the process of development is quite easier. Disadvantage brought about by laravel not just reduces the time spent but also the cost, which would mean that web projects are completed faster with laravel.


With a host of plug and play command and conversely, unplug and forget features make laravel quite flexible. This would mean that you can simplify your website or augment any feature in a few easy steps.

Multi browser compatibility

Applications developed on laravel are designed to run on literally any browser! This would mean that you could get more traffic across multiple devices and devices or browsers would not be a stumbling block in your web application acquiring higher traffic.

CubeMatch-Claritaz and Laravel


The development team match CubeMatch-Claritaz is quite adept in developing Laravel applications and other applications that require the PHP framework. With Laravel and with the expertise of auditing, you not only get a robust application but also the surety that it is well tested and complies to the highest standards of programming because we understand that level is purely for high-end reliable solutions.

The industries that we work with

  • Business
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Travel
  • Social network

Laravel is one of the most amazing things that have been brought about by PHP since PHP itself. We take pride and pleasure in being one of the best Laravel developers in Chennai. Our expert team will be glad to offer or services to give your application a shape. Get in touch with us for any requirement that you might have for Laravel development and we will be happy to assist you further!

How we work?

At CubeMatch-Claritaz, we follow the scrum methodology of development and it is ensured that we have a complete control over the quality of the product.

01 Requirement gathering

We get in touch with our client and understand their business-requirement, and how a framework can solve their business-problem or grow their business. Once we have the requirement in place, we make sure that all the information that we have gathered his accurate and to the point because Laravel is about high-end web applications and there is no room for even negligible margins of error.

02 planning process

The next step is to plan what needs to be done based on the requirement that we have gathered from the client. The team of developers sits together in advising a plan that can be considered the most efficient and cost-effective.

03 Prototyping and presentation

The next step is to create a prototype that will be reflected of the end product and present it to the client and upon their green signal and their indication of satisfaction, we go on to develop the full product.

04 Development process

The next step is to initiate the development which is going to give shape and structure to the product in addition to evolving its functionality. Our expert develops put in their mind and heart into creating the most robust and efficient reliable application for your business.

05 Launch, evaluation, and support

The final step is to launch the product and see how it functions in the real world so that we will be able to make a proper judgment on the last minute changes that need to be done to make the product perfect for your business.