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Magento Development

There are a lot of advancements in technology that make some complicated things really simple to create. Magento is one such a solution that has made E-commerce simple and democratic. We are a leading Magento development service provider in India and we have a client base that is spread across the globe!

Why Us?

CubeMatch-Claritaz has a team of Magento developer experts who are always in line with what is latest in the world of Magento. It includes but is not limited to the version, the features, and even the community support. We cover all the needs of the business in The E-commerce film with Magento as the baseline including promotions, shipping merchandising and facilitation of payments. Our vast offering of services cover the implementation of all the features of Magento and also make sure that the features are flexible and scalable to expand and grow as and when your business or your Quest starts to grow! All these have made us one of the most preferred and the best Magento development companies.

We also bring a few more advantages.

01 Single page checkout

One of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website is to have proper and well-documented components that will guide the user through an intuitive process and prevent complications. We provide a single page checkout option that will help reduce the rate of Shopping Cart abandonment which is considered to be one of the most leading negative indicators in e-commerce.

02 Default marketing tools

One of the aspects that make merge into one of the most distinct and preferred E-commerce platforms is the inbuilt marketing tools that it brings along with it by default. We help maximize the benefit of these inbuilt marketing tools and even help in marketing your eCommerce website through our expert digital marketing team that will take care to enhance your brand image in multiple online platforms.

03 Multiple store management

Our expert team brings in an advanced feature that will help add multiple websites from a single admin panel. This would mean that even if you are an E-commerce management agency, you will not need to struggle with documenting multiple credentials for login. You can manage the data and product upload for multiple eCommerce stores from a single admin panel.

04 Analytics and reporting

Analytics is something that completes any process and E-commerce is not an exception! We provide Magento analytics tool that helps you get a detailed report on sales and gives you intelligent insight on best-purchased products fresh orders and the most viewed products. These reports not only help you understand the current situation of your eCommerce store but also help you get future ready.

We give you the power of uncompromised quality on the utility with the most intuitive interface for you to work on in our customized applications.

The services we offer

  • Magento website development

    We make use of all the features that are offered by Magento and create a full-fledged E-commerce website that will open up avenues for your business to don its online store Avatar.

  • Magento module development

    There are certain modules that help you distinguish from your competitors in the watch landscape of e commerce. We help in creating customise Magento module that give your business a Unique Identity and help you stand out from the rest.

  • E-commerce solutions

    Magento is all about E-commerce! We help build custom E-commerce solutions and applications for your business by bringing together the requirements of yours and matching it with the features of Magento so that you get a full fledged and fully customised E-commerce solutions.

  • Custom Magento development

    Our Magento development team brings a host of experience and expertise across multiple industries and verticals that they can create what you precisely required when it comes to the Magento platform.

  • Magento theme development

    When it comes to technology, almost all eCommerce platforms are the same. It is only the teams that give a visual appeal and uplift to your E-commerce Store!our artistically inclined team will help create specific things that go in line with your brand image for your Magento application.

    You can count on our expertise and multi vertical experience to provide complete and the customised Magento development services that not only take care of your website in technology but also in functionality, marketing and more importantly, user-friendliness!